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Ayurveda is the science of all sciences. It is the mother of all sciences. It is the Mother Nature who governs all activities pertaining to the created world. Mother Nature has two positive and two negative aspects or attributes, and rules through natural law.

Similarly the modern management concept SWOT analysis(strength, weakness, opportunity and threat) has two negative ad two positive aspects. Our human body is also structured around four similar factors, immunity(Strength) waste products(weakness) digestive fire(opportunity) and external inputs(food and sense contacts). The accumulated waste products lead to malfunctioning of other factors and there by lead to various diseases. Health is a balanced state of the above four. Hence the waste has to be eliminated properly or used to good effect. For this digestive fire has to be boosted. So also the threat has to be reduced by controlling the food and sense contacts. The inherent strength, the immunity can also be boosted by increasing satva guna.

A comprehensive ayurvedic therapy aims at keeping the toxins in the body within the minimum and optimizes the functioning of other factors thereby giving the body no chance to remain diseased. All Ayurveda treatment in one way or the other is aimed at the proper detoxification and boosting digestive fire to the optimum level. Since there is no such consideration of detoxification in modern medicine. So they have only one option ie., to give medicines to get symptomatic relief. This often add to the toxins already present and complicate the problem further. This is nothing but the adaptation of the shaman chikitsa prescribed in Ayurveda. However shaman chikitsa in Ayurveda offers other benefits apart from symptomatic relief.

There is a great principle in Yoga where in an adept yogi is capable of leviating ie., being able to raise his body from gorund level effortlessly through meditation by focusing on his ajna chakra(in between eye brows).


Similarly by focusing on and promoting the immunity (Strength) and digestive fire (opportunity) health can be maintained at optimum level and diseases can be resisted successfully. What we need is a health care program and not a disease care program.


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