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Visesh Ayurved India Pvt Ltd is part of a group with holistic vision, involved predominantly in manufacturing and marketing of Ayurvedic products all over India, especially in Kerala under different brands. Visesh Ayurved is now set up in Kerala with the latest technologies to integrate with the ancient wisdom and deliver high quality Ayurvedic products to the whole world, as Kerala is now developing as the world centre of Ayurveda.

Our strength is our vision, a holistic vision on which is built our attitude and activities. Our attempt is to integrate Ayurveda with all aspects of life and business. Holistic Manufacturing, Holistic Management, Holistic Marketing and Holistic Medical Practice for doctors are all part of our mission. This is a culture we wish to impart to the whole world as a solution to all the problems humanity is facing today.

We are bringing out a wide variety of Ayurvedic medicines including all types of formulations ie: generic and patent, in aqueous extract, oils avaleha, churna, ghee, capsules, tablet, ointments, granules, syrup etc.

We are also developing an R&D centre to cater to all demands in future. We are open to co-operation, tie-ups, joint ventures, technology transfers and interactions for the propagation of real Ayurveda. Ayurveda as a way of life alone is real Ayurveda.

Visesh Ayurved India Pvt Ltd
Visesh Ayurved India Pvt Ltd based at Kottayam, Kerala has already established itself as the most sought after and trusted manufacturers and dealers of all kinds of Ayurvedic, generic and patent medicines, herbal extracts, health and beauty care products and also food supplements.
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